Monday, 2 March 2009

Blog Rebirth!

It's been a while, but decided to start posting again. Hopefully it be at least semi-regular this time!

To start, a few of my recent purchases and this is most of my February stuff:

It's been all about Killzone 2 MP since I finished the single player. Took a little while to get into it after CoD 4/WaW but I've settled in and am enjoying it a lot.
I was playing DoDonPachi on 360 a hell of a lot until my 360 decided to red ring again, just 2 days after being repaired. So I've had it (my second Xbox) for about a year and a half, it's been repaired 4 times and is still dead :( At this point, even though I can't really afford to, I'm more or less set on buying a cheap PAL arcade console and buying the exclusives I want (Race Pro, Ninja Blade, Star Ocean) on PAL and buying another Japanese console later down the line as I can't do without the Japanese exclusives!

Anyway, Street Fighter IV is still keeping me busy although I have yet to jump online. Partly through fear of getting completely torn apart and partly because I don't want to face all these Ken's I keep hearing about!
iMAS SP is also getting quite a bit of playtime too, enjoying it a lot and it seems like a better fit on PSP than on 360.

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