Saturday, 5 July 2008

First July Arrivals

Had a few things arrive in the last week or so:

And an XBLA purchase:


R8 said...

good stuff good stuff. i've been wanting to try out initial d. looks cool for fans of the series. i kinda tired of basara x after a day. feels like a very underwhelming GG game w/ less characters. they should've made the assist characters actual characters imo. i'm so not looking forward to blazblue. nice pick up on commandos. that game is fun. did you get the ssf2t hd remix beta too?

Johnny said...

Yeah man, Initial D is awesome. This one feels a bit gimped compared with the PS2/PSP versions as there's no story mode, aside from racing against the characters one on one, but it's still great.
Yeah, I thought it felt like a mix of GG and Hokuto no Ken. Still really enjoying it and super excited for blazblue!
Yup, Commando is cool, got the SSF2 HD Beta but playing with the 360 d-pad is awful!