Thursday, 19 June 2008

MGS 4 + Crisis Core SE

Couple of things, one from last Thursday:

And one from today:

Which contains the game and an artbook:


R8 said...

nice nice. though i don't have a ps3 (but have played/finished mgs4), i still bought the mgs 4 LE NA edition. game is too sick. i can't wait for the expanded edition like substance & subsistence cuz you just know he's gonna release one.
as for friend, send me the contact details or maybe a board he/she frequents so i know what he/she is able to obtain as i might think about it.

Johnny said...

Yeah man, awesome game, awesome experience.
The guys email is realsmshun @, awesome dude, gettin me a lot of stuff atm for lower than PA prices :)